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Midnight thoughts..

Even with the days that hath gone by
I imagine of thou still, and often cry.
People assuredly declare time will help the pain to slowly fade away
But I imagine of thou, each and every day

A long time has distinctly passed since then
Tears as well as emptiness,woefully fills our hearts
You left this world and we of a certain disposition think we’re alone
However, we’re not

Maybe you’ve left this ethereal globe
But your spirit is always with us
You’re everywhere
With your music and your words
You left us with trivial fond records, memories

If we ever deeply feel alone
We just have to look up
And you’re here

As long as we can remember you
You’ll never die in our hearts

Love you so much.. ♥

Happy Birthday, Taka.

I’ve known you for so long now it’s impossible to think of being without you in my life. Out of everyone you’re the one who’s seen me at my best as well as my worst, you’ve always been there for me as a friend. No one could wish for a better friend than you. There’s no one I can be myself with more than you, someone I can tease and joke with one minute and be serious with the next.

It’s almost embarrassing how much a lost puppy I am without you, but there’s an unstoppable need in me to be near you. Your smile, laugh, warmth, each are an addiction I never want to recover from. 

I still can’t believe sometimes that you’re mine, But I’m going to do everything I can to keep it that way, forever and longer. You’re perfect for me, you match me so well sometimes it leaves me in shock. 

I love you, Taka. Really, really.

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